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About us

Based on the canals of Amsterdam, Lola Leads is a progressive, unique and innovative company within the affiliate industry

We are a global provider of database  marketing solutions, offering proprietary web and mobile marketing platforms for brand advertisers, advertising agencies, direct marketers and publishing partners. Lola Leads offers high performance campaigns on a CPM, CPL, CPC, revshare or CPA basis to small and medium sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Work with us

We highly value personal relationships with our advertisers and publishers and aim to be easy approachable for our partners. We find it very important to be well informed about what happens within the industry so we can always give you the best advice to reach your goals.

Why are we leading?

We always make sure to be flexible as we find it very important to be able to switch to new verticals and new sources quick when the market changes. We understand that the affiliate industry is a fast moving market and we always make sure to attend all the interesting affiliate and online marketing shows to keep updated about all the latest opportunities that we will obviously share with our partners.

for publishers

Lolaleads offers performance based online marketing solutions for publishers. Through our own performance network, we offer the best converting campaigns using our own back-end technology. We have created a transparent, real-time and user friendly platform.

Some of our USP’s

  • Fast payments
  • We provide revshare data
  • Best creatives (ready to use)
  • Daily best offer updates
  • Fresh offers in several verticals an geo’s
  • Experienced pub managers
  • Customized bonus plans

Our team of performance experts is fully dedicated to help publishers get the highest return on their media. Are you a publisher and looking for good performing campaigns to distribute, sign up here and our team of experts will reach out as soon as possible.

for advertisers

Access to quality users

We can help you define a perfect lead generation/ straight sale/ branding campaign. We have best practice business cases and example campaigns in several verticals that can help you! We work with different payment models (CPC, CPL, CPA, CPM, revshare) Last but not least you are always in complete control about the caps, budgets, split testing and restrictions.

Cutting edge technologies

Lolaleads will help you achieve your customer and user acquisition goals via display, SMS, Facebook and email advertising.

Long term partnerships

We carry and nurture these relationships on a deep level.

Immediate support

You can contact us 24/7 on Skype, phone or Email and expect a quick response. One of our main USP's is to be as transparent and available as possible.

Valuable leads

Powerful engagement opportunities across the globe with Lolaleads data-driven advertising platforms. We make sure we help you target your audience and we optimise with subid’s so we can increase traffic on the sources you like the most.

Our great team

Paul van Erkelens


Claudia Smithson


Bo Harpenau

Head of Publishers

Kiki Henrichs

Manager Strategic Partnerships

Roosmarijn Nuijens

Finance Manager

Matthijs Triebert

Media Buy Manager

Maria Milina

Advertiser Manager

Sam Eijpe

Publisher Support

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